Local folk-meets-alt-country troubadour Lachlan Bryan and his band The Wildes have released their new album ‘THE MOUNTAIN’ out through ABC Music/Universal.

Lead single ‘AFRAID OF THE LIGHT’ is a heart-wrenching track co-written with the acclaimed Kim Richey, who also lends her tender backings vocals to the lines ‘You know that I need you, through the darkness I will lead you. But I’ve always been afraid of the light…’It’s an emotionally-charged opener that sets the tone for Bryan’s most personal set of songs yet, crafted in the studio with The Wildes (Mat Duniam, Shaun Ryan) and, for the first time, Damian Cafarella.

Bryan says of the song, “I started writing Afraid Of The Light in a hotel room in Adelaide, and finished it in Kim Richey’s cabin in Tennessee. I think it’s a hopeful song – but there’s certainly an element of sadness. In the past I think people have perceived me as dwelling in the dark -but as is always the case, there is darkness and light all around – most of us dwell somewhere in the middle”.

Lachlan talks about the new record:

“I’ve grown a mountain-climber’s beard to release this record, and I think I need it. In short, there’s blood in these songs - blood between the lines; blood in the back-story. Calling this album 'The Mountain' makes sense – it’s a journey, but when it’s done you still have to get back down – or find another peak to climb. I genuinely hope that people find it as fulfilling a journey to listen to as it was to write and play and sing.”

The Prairie Oysters will be back at the Pascoe Vale RSL ON Friday 20 June for the first time since 2011 performing for the Country Music Guild. Come along for what's set to be a big night of Country Music. The boys are looking forward to coming back!!!

Tickets $8 (Visitors) $5 (Members)

Great meals available from 6 pm

Music from 8 pm to 11.30 pm with free tea and coffee

Raffles and a door prize of a dinner at the RSL

Enquiries - Keith (03) 9338 7902 (After Hours)

The Prairie Oysters have finally released their new album titled, "THREE".

This is the third album the boys have released in their 8 year stint.

The guys have penned 8 new original songs and will coincide the release with their Tamworth dates for 2014.

Expect more news regarding the Melbourne CD launch soon.

The Tamworth dates are below, and it looks like quite a busy schedule.

We are looking forward to catching up with the many friends we have made in Tamworth.

And 2014 is shaping up to be another busy year for the boys.

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The Prairie Oysters Web Site:

Jayne Denham’s latest single ‘Beyond These City Lights’ features special guest Shannon Noll. Shannon was recently featured on 'Australian Story' by the ABC.

“We caught up at a festival last year and he asked how my music was going? I told him I was madly writing for a new album. He paused…. and then said he had a song I might like. He grabbed his phone to play me the song and explained that he wrote it for the people in the country and I might be the right artist to record it. As soon as the pre chorus came in I had goose bumps. I instantly loved the song and wanted to record it for this album.” says Jayne Denham.

He [Shannon Noll] told me why he wrote the song... he realised as much as he loves the city and is always grateful for his opportunities, he missed the country. All he wanted to do was go back home to the land.”

“For me singing this duet with Shannon is a dream come true and it’s an honour to have this song on my album.”

‘Beyond These City Lights’ is the third single from Jayne Denham’s new album Renegade which is in stores and online now.

It follows ‘Addicted To The Diesel’ which went all the way to #1 on the CMR Country Tracks Chart and ‘Shelter’ which was both a Top #10 Country Single & Music Video.