ItsCountry has evolved into the website it is today because of feedback from our members who not only want to know when there is a country event near them but also where to find country music gigs in pubs and clubs when they travel.

When an event is listed on the website, is it published here and 7 days before the start of your event it is also automatically synced to our thousands of followers on Facebook, Facebook groups and Twitter.

We have a large and growing email list and people who have subscribed receive a weekly newsletter of upcoming gigs in their State for the next 7 days.

Country music bands, artists and venue operators can promote their events by clicking the "Add an event" link in the menu bar. Music lovers, don't forget to add gigs for your favourite Country artists too, plus you can keep up to date by joining our mailing list (and receive our weekly updates), Facebook groups or follow us on Twitter.

We hope you find our site useful and as always, we welcome any feedback.

Sue, Mel and the team