It's FREE to add a gig or event on the ItsCountry website and when you do, not only is it visible on our front page, it is also promoted to our thousands of followers via Facebook, Twitter and our Newsletter. 

Once you have entered the information for your first gig and you want to add another similar one, you only need to go to EDIT and select COPY AND EDIT EVENT. It will bring up all of the information and allow you to change the date (and any other changes you need) and make a completely new entry. EASY!

To add your event:

1.  Log in: Name / Password / Remember Me If you click remember me you should not need to log in every time you open ItsCountry.

2.  Enter Title: The band or event name.

3.  Choose State:

4.  Choose Date and Time: Start date Most gigs are just the start date unless it is a weekend event. Select the Start Time and End Time (if known) If it is a weekend festival you need to tick “All day event or unspecified time.”

5.  Location: Enter the location, if it has been entered before your location will be in the list, if not, click blue “Create Location Box” and enter Venue / City / State. Also include the URL if known. Save and Close.

6.  Description: Optional Describe briefly the event with any info you want to include. You can also leave this blank (if you have a flyer with the details already on it) and ItsCountry will revert to standard text.

7. Include image: Select “Choose File” then select an image file from your pc and click upload.

8. Include Video: Optional To add a YouTube video enter the last digits of the ‘share code’ from YouTube ie. keep the letters and numbers at the end (in orange) and delete the first part of the address. For example, you only need uTp1InlMPf0 to be entered.

9. Cost:  Optional

10. Tags:  Optional Entering tags allows people to search the site for a particular name/genre.

11. Save and Close 

If you have any questions you can email us via the "contact us" page Click Here to contact us