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Nathaniel O'Brien and Lena!

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Competition closes Sunday 24 April 2011.

The Wolfe Brothers are an exciting 4 piece country-rock band from Tasmania. Fronted by songwriting brothers Nick and Tom Wolfe with Nick on Lead Vocals/Guitar and Tom on Bass/Vocals; they are joined by long time friends Casey Kostiuk on Drums/ Percussion and Brodie Rainbird on Guitar. Together they provide the unique sounds that are now recognizable as “The Wolfe Brothers”.

Having been a successful cover band for several years they have had a taste of a broad range of music styles from Jazz to AC/DC - making them well rounded musicians.

Today they express themselves through their own tunes and music. Nick says “When we write I think it comes out country but you can definitely hear the other influences creeping through which we really love!” Some of their favourite artists include Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw and Keith Urban, Troy Cassar-Daly, The McClymonts, Dianna Corcoran and James Blundell.

As a Country Band they have played at rodeos, youth events and many different pubs and clubs. They have also had several tours around Victoria, spreading their unique brand of country-rock while delighting audiences in rural and urban parts of the state.

Their self titled EP consists of 5 original tracks. Tom and Nick co-wrote Everywhere, Save Me and Drivin’ Fast Livin’ Easy; Nick wrote You Don’t Own Her and A Thousand Miles.


[/INDENT]They are currently working on their first full length album which is due for release later in 2011. It is something their many fans are eagerly waiting for.

The Wolfe Brothers make a refreshing addition to the Australian Country Music scene. Or catch them at one of their gigs listed on or visit their websites ... or

Listen out for them on your local country music radio station and if they don't have a copy of their CD ask them to contact us or the Wolf Brothers!