Sunday Morning Showdown

Title track from our 2nd CD, a great little clip made by Michael.


The Old River Line: Another Snow Townsend original tune from our 2nd Release, "Sunday Morning Showdown". It features "The Dead Livers" Rodger Delfos on pedal steel. There was actually no river, nor train, just too much gin and a desperate need to get out of the city! Thanks again Michael for another top clip!

A selection from new clips sent to ItsCountry by the Bona Fide Travellers

Bona Fide Travellers

Music transcends borders, genders, cultures and even species. Norwegian country musician Steffen Jakobsen is living proof that this goes for country music too. Born in 1990, Jakobsen started singing when he was 12 years old and first got hold of a guitar. He grew up in a home where country music was part of the everyday sound and his powerful voice quickly earned him the nickname “Pavarotti”.

Starting out with some Elvis songs, Jakobsen expanded his range to the entire country music genre inspired by the songs of Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. He started busking in the neighborhood of their home in Skiftenes in Grimstadt, Norway then moved up to gigs in the military bases. His demo CD when he was 16 proved so popular that he decided to produce a full CD two years later. He writes some of his songs while his mother, Heidi, writes others and they try meticulously to keep to the traditional country music sound.

Jakobsen is not picky about his audiences, playing country music to large and small groups. He helped organize the Christmas concert for the Grimstadt church which drew over 1,000 and was a guest artist at the Arendal Cultural Centre before a full house. Jakobsen, whose nickname in school switched to “Johnny Cash”, has performed at the Breim Country Festival, the Vinstra Country Music Festival and at Scandinavia's biggest the Seljord Country Music Festival.

Although country music as such saw the light in the North American continent and spread through related English-speaking nations like the UK, Australia and Ireland, its appeal and popularity in other countries has prompted the CMA to institute an International Artist Achievement Award. Country music organizations have sprung up in countries like Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Italy, France and Poland. An International Festival of Country Music was organized in 1969 and ran for 23 years featuring country music stars, among them Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash. Public demand has led its organizers to revive the event with the support of artists like Reba McEntire. In 2012, the event will be held on February 26 at its traditional home, the Wembley Arena.

An International Country Music Conference provides country music scholars from around the world to discuss and share their country music work. The ICMC will hold its 29th conference from May 24 – 26, 2012 at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, right at the south end of Music Row.

All this activity goes to show that Steffen Jakobsen is riding the wave of a world-wide interest in country music and will find himself at home wherever he travels to perform.


Visit Steffen's website .... Steffen Jakobsen

The Cowell Ute Club was formed on July 12th 2008. We arrange activities for people interested in utes, general automobiles and sports. The Clubs aims to encourage goodwill, friendship and communication between members of this Club and other Clubs which have like aims and objectives.The Cowell Ute Club is a not for profit Club, donating to charities such as Angel Flight. We also offer the service of the Club, its members and vehicles to charitable organisations.

Our activities include cruises, barbeques and social events.

Our main event over the past two years has been theCowell Ute Muster and Country Music Festival.

Our aim is to bring as many utes together as possible for showing and judging, followed by a Country Music Festival featuring high quality national artists and entertainers at a affordable price to all with proceeds going to Angel Flight. The next event will be held on Saturday 10th March 2012.

If you enjoy Utes, sports or are a general automobile enthusiast, join the Cowell Ute Club!

COWELL UTE MUSTER & COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL, Saturday 10th March 2012, Ken Lamb Arena, Cowell SA (opposite Lucky Bay turn off)

Friday Night there will be 'live entertainment' from different artists 6pm - 9:30pm in front of the Apex/Mitre 10 Tavern at the Grounds.

Live Music from 2pm - 1am in the Concert Arena

Featuring multi award winning artist and four time Golden Guitair nominated Paul Costa.

Also featuring:

* Sandra Humphries

* Graeme Hugo

* Andrew Hugo

* Wild Card Band

* Grant Luhrs

* Candice & Nadinne

* Fine Form

* B.C Boys

* Cruisers

* (Sound by Gavin Chandler)

Ute Muster - All Utes to be in Muster Arena by 9am, nominated by 9:30am, and left in the arena until 3pm.


$20 to enter, includes 1st category, sticker, ear tag and stubby holder.

$5 each for any other category.


Champion Ute & Peoples Choice (included in entry fee)

BnS, Country, Chicks, Mongrel, 4x4, Trade, Original

Cowell Country Music & Ute Muster site

Country Music SA, which used to be known as the South Australian Council for Country Music, is an organization whose aim is to promote all facets of country music in South Australia. It does this by increasing the awareness of government, companies and individuals about country music in Australia through projects it conducts around the year.

The CMSA conducts various competitions in the events it holds and gives out awards to honor outstanding country music performers in different States. One of these events is the Champion of Champions to discover the best senior and junior country music artist of the year. Winners in first or second solo competitions in recognized talent quests qualify to compete for career development opportunities and participate in other talent competitions around the country. Winners in the Junior category receive the Cindy Shelton Memorial Award for a scholarship to the Camerata College in Tamworth.

Another program is the APRA South Australian Song of the Year Awards competition run by the CMSA and sponsored by the Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA/AMCOS). The competition is open to all songwriters who live in South Australia. Participants can compete in two sections: Traditional (bush, ballads and folk) or Modern (commercial and contemporary) giving young songwriters an opportunity to be heard, judged by professionals and published.

Another scholarship that the CMSA awards is the Rocky Page Memorial Scholarship in honor of the man who founded the Riverland Country Music Festival. The award entitles the scholar to attend the CMA's Country Music College in Tamworth, a key to a prestigious career in country music.

The winners of the APRA Songwriting Award, the Rocky Page Memorial Scholarship and the CMSA Industry Award are announced at the South Australian Showcase, a special concert held to highlight South Australian talents in country music. Professional country music artists from all over Australia are invited to the Showcase to perform and mentor the young talents participating in the event.

The Annual South Australian Country Music Festival is the high point of country music activities in the state. Dubbed “The Friendly Festival”, it attracts thousands of fans not just from other parts of the country but from overseas as well. The festival features the SA Country Music Awards, a Country Music Hall of Fame and a Hands of Fame park. The 34th Annual South Australian Country Music Festival will be held on June 1 – 11, 2012 with competitions in twelve sections over two days. The winners in the sections will compete for the SA Award of Excellence in what is the biggest festival of its kind the South Australia.

[video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=WC3XTCb0UYI[/video]THE PRAIRIE OYSTERS BACK IN TOWN THIS WEEKEND

The Monash Hotel Sat 26, The Bass Hotel Sun 27

The Prairie Oysters are back in Melbourne and playing at Dooley's Bar at the Monash Hotel this Saturday. Come along for a great night of music and dancing and enjoy the great meals and hospitality of the crew at the Monash Hotel. Free admission

Band starts 9pm till late

Great meals available from bar or bistro

Kids under 18 not permitted.

If you can't make it on Saturday night, head down to the Bass Hotel and spend a pleasant Sunday arvo at one of Victoria's true country pubs.

Band starts 2pm

Great meals available from bistro

Kids welcome