Country sweetheart and formidable singer-songwriter Jess Holland is back with the first single from her highly anticipated third long-player. The single – Linburn Lane – draws upon childhood, youth, family and love. Staying true to her unique style, Linburn Lane is a sassy country-blues record, a track that speaks of nostalgia and memory in a way that is universal and accessible. A favourite among country music fans, Jess is a true storyteller on stage and off, never failing to deliver a ballsy introspective ballad. Her recent performances at the 2017 Tamworth Country Music Festival gave her the opportunity to showcase her new material, reflecting a particularly fruitful and inspirational year for the brilliant young singersongwriter.

Linburn Lane was handpicked as the first single from her long awaited third album – a decision that came fairly easy for Jess. “As I was test running my new tracks at gigs and festivals, Linburn Lane was one of the songs that really struck a chord with the crowds,” she says. “I have had so many people approach me to say how much they can relate to the lyrics, or how it reminds them of a relative. I also found that people were asking for it at shows — either they had heard it previously or someone had told them about it. I knew it was going to be my first single.” 

Paying homage to her grandmother who passed away a few years ago, Jess went back to her roots and wrote without distractions; no TV and very limited phone service. The track is a love song to family, home and nostalgia, and of course the enigmatic Linburn Lane. Written as a first-person narrative, the lyrics are both delightful and heartbreaking and Jess’ emotive vocals are the perfect accompaniment. 

“I really only knew her my grandmother her elderly years,” says Jess. “I really wanted to find out more about her life – where she grew up, when she married, where she lived – so I asked my mum and my aunties about her and started writing down some ideas. This is a song from her perspective — she is telling her story. Linburn Lane has really related to so many — I even have people saying they had tears in their eyes as they listened to the lyrics. I certainly didn’t expect this kind of overall reaction.”

Linburn Lane was produced by Jess’ good friend and producer Rob Long. Rob has been part of the recording process since the beginning, taking rough edits and ideas and solidifying them into dynamic and rich ballads. Jess and Rob are also currently putting the finishing touches on her new album, slated for release in September this year. While the new album promises to focus quite heavily on the topic of change, Jess is quick to point out that it still maintains the signature sound that she and her fans love — the ballsy, sassy and classic Jess Holland.

It has been an intriguing journey for Jess Holland since winning the Voice of Urban Country in 2011 and releasing her debut Introducing.. Jess Holland. She has grown immensely as an artist, a maturity that was aptly demonstrated in her 2014 sophomore Whole Lot To Say. There is an assertiveness in the singer-songwriter in 2017 – she is comfortable within herself, knows what she wants and has mastered her sound.

“I am far more confident in myself,” she says of the past seven years in the music industry. “I know the kind of sound and vibe I’m after in the studio so I’m not afraid to speak up if there’s something I dislike or I’m not sure about. Fortunately Rob nurtures this approach too and really understands what I’m after which is cool.”

The granddaughter of a founding member of acclaimed bush band The Stringybark Band, Jess has always been surrounded by music so it’s no surprise that music has become her security blanket, her comfort and ultimately, her home. Jess Holland is a natural and her latest release Linburn Lane – and the upcoming third album – will continue to solidify her as a formidable voice in the Australian