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Acoustic duo, Original Sin, cook up a country flavoured, stomping-blues original set of 'bluegrass deliciousness,' mixed with a soulful revival of traditional gospel and blues, dredged up from the likes of Blind Willie Johnson and Memphis Minnie.

The pair have been said to 'transport you back to the Mississippi Delta,' with their unencumbered, wholesome performance, founded on a driving beat, vibrant melodies, sweet harmonies and spirited guitar lines.

Home-grown from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Original Sin comprises the unprocessed, honeyed vocals, of Ariel, urged on and encouraged by the tireless guitar picking and sweet harmonies of Jordan, the combination possessing a lilting honesty.

After years of pursuing solo projects, Original Sin’s eclectic talents can be heard throughout - Jordan occupies his boundless skill with a wide range of instruments and span of genres – including currently drumming with psychedelic rock outfit Bad Valley. Ariel tinkers with vastly varied musical projects and has featured in collaborations with hip hop and Folk/Rock artists.

Original Sin was born in September 2012 – a misunderstanding at the Gospel Garden Sanctuary saw the duo take to the stage for the first time – with only twenty minutes to prepare, Jordan and Ariel surprised both audiences and themselves and wordlessly understood that this was something to pursue.

Since then they have seen great success at the 2013 Tamworth Country Music Festival and countless gigs on the Central Coast.

With an invitation to perform at the Airlie Beach Music Festival in November, Original Sin will be making their presence known all the way along the North East Coast of Australia from late September.


With a young voice that seems to have travelled these parts many times before and fingers that reminis a place and time far from us, comes a sound that sways the long grass with light restrain, yet so much power, 'Original Sin is a finger-pickin’, feet stompin', hollerin' revel. '