Aussie superstar Keith Urban releases his sixth studio album.

Get Closer is the follow up to Defying Gravity and Love, Pain and The Whole Crazy Thing.

Urban says "For me the title is multi-faceted.. because my instincts have always been to run from the things that are good for me, to run from love. I have always run from intimacy, and marriage has been a real awakening for me in looking at that very differently. That's what the title refers to."

With his usual guitars lost in the Nashville floods, Urban was forced to use new guitars on this project, a situation that according to him, turned into a real blessing; "It got me out of my comfort zone, and I was really focused on making music, and not what we were making it with."

Album tracklisting:

1. 'Put You In A Song'

2. 'You Gonna Fly'

3. 'All For You'

4. 'Long Hot Summer'

5. 'Without You'

6. 'Georgia Woods'

7. 'Right On Back To You'

8. 'Shut Out The Lights'

9. 'Big Promises'

10. 'The Luxury Of Knowing'

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