AUSTRALIAN country music star Lee Kernaghan has turned to the cyber realm to help him tap into the spirit of the bush.

The 46-year-old multi-award-winning singer songwriter said he often logged on to social networking websites to connect with the real stories of regional Australians and country music fans.

“I spend a lot of time on Facebook,” Kernaghan said.

“It has been somewhat of a revolution in terms of being able to have one-on-one contact with the people that are out there coming to the shows and buying my music.

“It’s been a really good way of finding out how people are feeling and what’s going on and responding.”

Kernaghan, who will perform at Doncaster’s Hotel Shoppingtown on November 19, said social networking, combined with mingling with fans at shows and picking up a local newspaper, helped keep his songs reflective of the times.

And in country music, where fans can smell a fake from a mile off, Kernaghan said truth and sincerity was the cornerstone to success.

“I think people that are into country music, that’s what they expect and that’s what they want,” Kernaghan said.

“It’s about real life, it’s about real people and it’s real music, it’s not computer generated.”

As for his own story of growing up in the bush, Kernaghan - who was born in the northern Victorian town of Corryong - said he had paid his dues for 10 years, playing in the local pubs and clubs of nearby towns.

“I reckon that 10 years of slogging it out in the pubs helped me make a better album when I made my first record,” Kernaghan said.

” I think you connect with your audience a lot better because you’ve lived life, you’ve had a few good kicks up the arse and you know a little bit more about what life is all about.”

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