Hallam Country Music Wrap Up and review by Streety of the Prairie Oysters

.....And some great pics!

The day started with people setting up their merchandising tables and punters filing in through the main door.

Around 11.30am it poured, and we thought..oh dear, not a great day for a country music round-up for the RCH appeal.

However the skies cleared and the people kept coming.

The entertainment started with Jan Dandridge, with an original set, spiced with some great covers.

Then followed by Shane, John,Phil, and Luke, being The Blackhill Ramblers with a great dance set, with the punters all dancing immediately.

Nia Robertson.and The Hannafords followed with some stirring classics and some great sing along tunes.

Adam Toms other half was expecting their baby any minute, and we were quite concerned regarding having him called away urgently. but another great set was produced by Adam and he was out and off the hospital for the good news...on time.

The day was compared to perfection, by Gary Turner and ran like clock work, as we expected with such a high calibre of acts and professionals assisting us on the day. The Hallam Hotel staff provided great meals all day, whilst the country music kept'a'comin'.

Phoenix were the band followin were next up for a "in your face" set of foot stomping tunes.Phoenix were the band following Adam, and they provided a great dance set of country classics for all the dancers and foot tappers.

Aaron Daniels Band were next up for a "in your face" set of foot stomping tunes.

Ruckus followed with Mick's brand of Australian Country meets Charlie Daniels and mixed in with some twisted lyrics, like the Devil's Pub.

Another great set from all these professionals, and the day was motoring along at pace.

Sometimes I wonder why these great Melbourne acts sounding so good, are finding it hard to find work locally.

The Prairie Oysters followed Ruckus, and, I must say Acky and the boys running the PA and Lights did a fantastic job all day.

We had a great time during our set, and the crowd were terrific.

Last off the rank was the Doug Bruce Band and big thanks to Rusty for the use of the bass rig for the day.

Another professional set performed with gusto by Doug and the boys.

By this time, we were absolutely knackered, as the day was full of meeting great people, making sure the stage was right with the gear changeovers, and Dave and Jamie were terrific all day.

Tony and Sharlene did the Hallam Hotel, Melbourne Country Music proud this day, with all the promotional material and organising the full day of entertainment. A big thank you to Tammie, and Claudia for looking after our merchandising and taking great pics.

All in all, the day was full of very diverse, professionally presented Country Music, and it was a pleasure working with all who performed, and assisted throughout the day. We certainly made many new friends and you couldn't meet a nicer bunch of people, all working for the same cause.

All believed the Royal Children's Hospital Appeal was something we all wanted to contribute to, and were wrapt about the final amount we were able to help raise.

Thank you to all who attended, and hopefully see you all next year??

Watch this space...................


The Oysters.:D:D:D:D