The South Australian Country music awards start on June 3rd!!

This festival and Awards are the biggest and most prestigious in South Australia and the third biggest in Australia!

Winners compete for South Australian Awards of Excellence and are presented in the South Australian 'Tamworth Showcase' each year at the Tamworth Country Music festival.

Thousands of visitors travel to the Riverland to attend “The Friendly Festival” and see the Country Music Hall of Fame and a Hands of Fame Park.

Thousands of visitors from across Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand make the trip to the Riverland to enjoy ten days of fun.

The Festival runs from 3rd - `13th June and the Country Music Awards are held on the 11th & 12th June.

Artists appearing include:

John McLeod Rick Bartlett Amber Joy Poulton

Wayne Horsburg Jason Lee Gary Burrows with The Rustlers

Brian Letton

Meagan Laurie

Dave Prior

Charlie McCracken

Jay Tobin

Angela Easson

Davd Verrall

Melody Feder

Dannis Verran

Mark Tempany and Alison Hams

Bob Magor

and many, many more great artists.

Visit the South Australian Country Music home page for more information: