Country songwriter Allan Caswell has released an album inspired by jail, drinking and the bush.

Tracks on the album

1. 'Itís A Country Song' (A Caswell)
2. 'The Next Thing That You Hear' (A Caswell)
3. 'Clyde' (A Caswell /D McAlister)
4. 'Kick The Bucket' (A Caswell/G Kohler)
5. 'Love In A Minor Key' (A Caswell/R Carleo)
6. 'You Canít Get Good Help These Days' (A Caswell/T Stewart)
7. 'Curl Up And Die' (A Caswell)
8. 'Heís Taking Candy From My Baby' (A Caswell/P Jenkins)
9. 'Everything Thatís Good' (A Caswell)
10. 'Nine Tattoos' (A Caswell/S Jansen)
11. 'Guess This Is How Lonely Must Feel' (A Caswell/G Kohler)
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