‘Overdrive’ the debut single from Newcastle native Kristy James was born out of frustration and sending a message of not giving in. At a time when Kristy felt her hands were tied and her options were limited she put pen to paper resulting in this fiery country-rock track.

      Assembling a star-studded cast for her first professional outing, the track was produced by Hillbilly Hut’s Simon Johnson (Adam Harvey, Travis Collins, Buddy Goode), guitars and banjo courtesy of Glen Hannah, drums – Pete Drummond, fiddle - Mick Albeck, steel – Dave Ristrim, bass – Simon Johnson with backing vocals by Mike Carr & Aleyce Simmonds. The accompanying video clip was produced by Golden Guitar winning producer Glenn Wilson (Felicity Urquhart’s ‘Big Black Cloud’).

      Kristy started singing and performing at the age of 11 and was a Tuesday night regular at the Steel City Country Music Club. At the age of 14 she started her own business organising school discos and once Kristy turned 18 she started performing every weekend and hasn’t stopped for the past 10 years, under agents EAO and Whirlwind Entertainment Kristy has performed all over NSW as part of a duo/trio (Kadence) and band (Funhouse). She has taught at Showbiz Talent School, Rosie’s School Of Rock and also offers private singing tuition.

      Citing Carrie Underwood as a musical influence, Kristy has also been working on new songs for her debut EP due for release in 2013 with friend and loyal supporter Dave Leslie of The Baby Animals and co-writing with the likes of Mike Carr, Troy Kemp and Marty Worrall.

      “My emotions running wild, do I fight or take flight,” – Overdrive, Kristy James 2012

      ‘Overdrive’, now available to purchase from iTunes and Kristy’s official site - Kristy James
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